Success Stories

After I tried BioPods, I threw my 30-year collection of orthotics into the trash.

How Biopods helped get rid of my shin pain.

Steve H.

Uxbridge, ON

As a long-time wearer of orthotics, after I tried BioPods Stimsoles, I threw my 30-year collection of custom inserts into the trash. 

BioPods have opened my eyes to the thousands of wasted dollars I spent trying to eliminate shin pain using the antiquated inserts.

I’m an active outdoor sport enthusiast who participates in a wide range of summer and winter sports, including trail running, kayaking, cycling, and snowboarding.

I recently replaced my orthotics with two sets of BioPods. Over three months, I noticed a decrease in shin discomfort during exercise and a general increase in foot comfort, but it wasn’t until snowboarding that I was 100% sold on the products. Having always had shin pain, my love of snowboarding was tempered by my constant need to stop and rub my shins out.

After using the BioPods, my wife noted that I was no longer stopping as often on our ski trips. I hadn’t even noticed, but I was boarding longer and with no pain – it was a revelation.

Upon reflection, the only change I had made to my footwear was the upgrade to the BioPods Stimsoles months earlier. One pair replaced over $2000 in custom orthotics that were quite obviously not working as advertised.