The Critical Connection:

Optimize Innate Body Intelligence

Learn about a new paradigm
for foot-related pathologies

An online course for chiropractors
and other medical professionals.

“I found the course to be very clear and informative.”
Daniel Patton, D.C. Murray, UT

“Very good course. I liked it.”
Dr. George Fraudin, Pittsburg, PA

What Will I Learn?

  • Effects of immobilization as it relates to bone, soft tissue, and joint pathology
  • Current healthcare philosophies about dynamic function vs. support and immobility
  • Neuromuscular gait mechanics and related treatment methodologies
  • Scientific principles on which the development of the disruptive technology of BioPods® was based
  • How Variable Reflex Technology (VRT) works
  • How BioPods can improve patient outcomes

Dig deep into scientific principles that will impact your practice

The Critical Connection is a four-part online course that will put you at the cutting edge with BioPods®, the new paradigm for the treatment of foot-related pathologies. The course provides in-depth coverage of all the scientific principles upon which BioPods therapeutic solutions are based, and presents an innovative approach to diagnosis and multifaceted therapy, including:

  • the underlying science
  • optimal and maladaptive neuromuscular gait mechanics
  • conventional treatment methods
  • the new BioPods gait-related paradigm
  • clinical concepts and modalities

Three leaders in chiropractic and sports medicine deliver engaging, informative video and slide presentations. They dispel some common foot care myths and discuss the concepts of proprioception and protective reflexes, innate body intelligence, and neuroplasticity.

They cover barefoot gait and the mechanisms in the human body that are affected, as well as the effects of conventional footwear, how they’re connected to the conditions that you’re seeing in your practice, and how the disruptive new BioPods technology provides a solution.

This is a course you can’t afford to miss. It will provide you with the information and guidance you need to become a BioPods-trained practitioner—a role that will help you improve the overall neuromuscular health of your patients and enable you to generate incremental revenue.

Benefit from insights provided by leaders in sports medicine and chiropractic

Dr. Samuel Dubé, a human potential and performance consultant and educator, will set the stage with comprehensive coverage of the science underlying the development of BioPods Stimsoles®—and explore the connection between proprioception and reflexes and optimal musculoskeletal function. In Lesson 2, Dr. Dubé will delve deeper into barefoot gait mechanics, the dynamic arch system, Cuboid Pulley Mechanism, and other concepts that contribute to barefoot gait as the optimum natural condition.

In Lesson 3, Dr. Scott Bautch and Dr. Tim Wakefield, leaders in the field of chiropractic and sports medicine, will present eye-opening coverage of the effects of immobilization, tying that to the effects of conventional footwear on the neuromuscular system. Dr. Dubé takes up the coverage with an introduction to foot dysfunction indicators and foot types. Dr. Dubé concludes the course in Lesson 4 with an in-depth overview of how chiropractors can integrate BioPods Stimsoles into their practices and provides a detailed presentation of the BioPods clinical protocol.

Learn about BioPods unique disruptive technology

BioPods Stimsoles work in harmony with the natural dynamic movement of the feet by providing stimulation instead of artificial support. Based on the same conditioning principles used by elite athletes and sports medicine professionals, BioPods Stimsoles target the foot’s arch, creating a “springy” stimulus that gently increases over time to safely retrain the protective reflexes and help the feet, legs, hips, and back adjust naturally to healthy function.

Most insoles and orthotics actually dampen sensory feedback and weaken the feet. Every pair of BioPods Stimsoles features special Pods that incorporate patent-pending Variable Reflex Technology (VRT™) that replicates the natural varied stimulus the body needs to restore and maintain healthy function.

There is a BioPods Stimsole for every walk of life. BioPods-trained chiropractic practitioners will be able to prescribe the right model for each patient by selecting the stimulus intensity level based on foot type, activity, and footwear. The course will present an in-depth introduction to BioPods Stimsoles and the benefits they offer your patients and your practice.


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Course includes:

  • More than two hours of on-demand video
  • Slide deck available for download
  • Coursebook available for download
  • Monograph available for download

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Plus Chiropractor Resource Kit –

When you complete the course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion and resources for your practice:

  • BioPods Stimsoles Selection Guide
  • 10 pairs of BioPods Stimsoles, including free shipping
  • Free shipping on all future orders totaling $100 or more
  • 100 patient brochures with display holder
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BioPods Story

What we’ll cover

The Critical Connection: Optimize Innate Body Intelligence online course comprises four lessons that will cover the following topics:

Lesson 1 The Science

  • Common foot care myths
  • Wolff’s Law
  • Davis’s Law
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Neuromuscular adaptation
  • Neuromuscular mechanics

Lesson 2 Optimal “Natural” Foot and Lower Limb Function

  • Sensory input, Right Stimulus, Right Movement
  • Windlass Mechanism
  • Dynamic arch system
  • Cuboid Pulley Mechanism
  • Functional dome-shaped system
  • Barefoot gait mechanics

Lesson 3 Gait-related Pathologies

  • Effects of immobilization on muscle, synovial joints, and periarticular soft tissues
  • Role of neuroplasticity
  • Adverse effects of conventional footwear
  • Symptoms of foot dysfunction

Lesson 4 Neuromuscular Pathology Treatment Options

  • Conventional ‎treatment methods
  • BioPods technologies and related complementary treatment modalities
  • The BioPods clinical protocol


What you’ll receive

When you register for the course, you’ll have access to all of these resources, which you can download at this site:

  • The Slide Deck guides you through the presentation. It provides a good place for you to take notes.
  • The Coursebook provides more in-depth coverage of each lesson’s topic. It’s a great way to review and enrich what you learn in each lesson.
  • The Monograph provides a deeper dive into all of the lessons. You’ll want to keep and refer to it often after you complete the course.

When you complete the course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion and resources for your practice:

  • BioPods Stimsole Selection Guide
  • 10 pairs of BioPods Stimsoles, including free shipping
  • Free shipping on all future orders totaling $100 or more
  • 100 patient brochures with display holder
  • Wall poster for display in your clinic
  • “How to” videos for office display

And coming soon –

  • Patient referrals from the “Practitioner Near You” – a search tool at