Success Stories

BioPods helped me rehabilitate serious hip and back injuries.

How BioPods helped me return to and increase my pre-accident activity levels.

Jacquelyn B.

Toronto, ON

I’ve been an avid cyclist for over 25 years. I both mountain bike and road ride, and have even ridden across Canada.

Twenty years ago, while attempting to ride across New Zealand, I was hit by a truck that left me with serious hip and back injuries.

As a result, due to the severe muscle damage, I’ve required constant rehab to keep me active.

Several years ago, as part of my rehab, my chiropractor recommended BioPods Stimsoles to retrain my muscles. Initially, I felt an improvement in pain relief and function, but it wasn’t until several months later that I experienced a dramatic change in how my body functioned from my feet to my lower back.

From the start, I was using the Stimsoles in all of my shoes while I visited my chiropractor weekly. During these visits, he would work on breaking down the scar tissue from my injuries and increasing my mobility throughout my lower leg, hip, and back.

Then one day, while my chiropractor was working on my foot mobility, there was a dramatic release in my ability to raise my toes. This release seemed to unlock everything, and over the next several months my whole body adjusted for the better. My chiropractor explained that the Stimsoles had helped train my the muscle function sufficiently to allow his mobilization work to take hold.

Since I’ve been using BioPods, my aches and pains have significantly reduced. On those days I forget to transfer the BioPods into my shoes, I notice the aches and pains creep back. I’m more comfortable when I use BioPods every day.

Best of all, BioPods have helped me return to and increase my pre-accident activity levels.