Success Stories

In my 30 years of practice nothing has made more of a difference than BioPods.

How Biopods helped me and my most challenging patients eliminate foot, ankle, and back pain.

Scott Bautch, D.C.

Owner Bautch Chiropractic

For those chronic patients that I had had trouble stabilizing, BioPods have truly been a miracle and made my practice way more enjoyable.

For years I had bought into the idea that our feet need to be supported and protected by cushioning. From the time I was in high school, I’ve had problems with my ankles as well as knee injuries from playing sports in high school and college. Over the years, I have tried multiple kinds of shoes and orthotics in an attempt to deal with these problems. Over my 30 years of practise, I have noticed more and more people have foot problems, and more and more athletes have shin splints.

Dr. Bautch’s Story

How BioPods worked for me and my patients.

When I got introduced to BioPods, it was certainly a different thought process for me. Initially, I tried BioPods myself before using them with my patients. Not only did BioPods help my feet, I saw some amazing things happen. Old injuries came and went, I started having more motion in my feet, and I had way less pain in my knee that had bothered me off and on for years. Over eight months of use, I started noticing that activities became easier on the upper part of my back.  It was easier to get up, and I experienced less fatigue throughout my body at the end of the day. After trying multiple products since I was young and playing sports, nothing has made more difference for me than BioPods.

As I began to see the changes in my body as a result of using BioPods, I began to look at my patients’ problems differently. I found that nearly all of them have some type of foot problem or a problem related to their feet. Like me, they have tried conventional support and cushioning products, but they continued to have issues. 

As I introduced BioPods to my patients, we saw a correction of gait, correction of posture, and so many positive results. BioPods help the foot do what it’s meant to do. With BioPods, the foot begins telling the body what’s going on, and the body naturally starts taking care of the rest of it. So with those chronic patients that I had real trouble stabilizing, BioPods have truly been a miracle and made my practice way more enjoyable.

So, in the 30 years that I have been in practice, there is nothing that has made a more significant difference or stabilized my patients than BioPods.