BioPods® Shoe Guide

How to make footwear choices that are good for your health.

Without Removeable Insoles

You can use Stimsoles® in shoes that do not have removable insoles by trimming the Stimsoles® to 3/4-length.


Stimsoles® should NOT be used in shoes with built-in arch supports that cannot be removed. Learn more in our Getting Started Guide.

Large Flex Blocks

Footwear with midsoles/outsoles that feature large flex blocks may not flex uniformly at the balls of your feet. When the shoe’s flex does not match the positioning of the balls of your feet, it can create sharp flex points that can bruise the balls of your feet.


Look for shoes that flex evenly throughout the forefoot.

Contoured Midsoles

Stimsoles® can be used in shoes with contoured midsoles. However, a lower stimulus level may be required. This is because a shoe’s mid foot contour can increase the Stimsoles® stimulus intensity.

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