Getting Started Guide

How to use your Stimsoles®, get your laces right and what to expect.

For shoes that DO NOT have removable insoles.

  1. Locate the Trim Line on the underside of each Stimsole. Using household scissors, cut along this line to transform your insoles from full to 3/4 length.
  2. Tuck each 3/4 length Stimsole back against the heel pockets of your shoes before slipping your feet in over them.
  3. In most cases, your body’s weight will keep the 3/4 length insoles in place but, if your shoes have an exceptionally slippery surface, we recommend using Velcro® tabs to secure them in place.
  4. Save the toe pieces because you can place them, along with the trimmed 3/4 length, in a shoe that DOES have a removable insole.

For shoes that DO have removable insoles.

  1. Stand on the full length Stimsoles, outside of your shoes, placing your heels squarely in the heel pockets. Make sure that the Pods fit comfortably and directly beneath the centre of each foot’s arch system. Draw a Trim Line around each forefoot.
  2. Place the generic insoles that came with the shoes IN FRONT of the BioPods Stimsoles, lining up both sets at the heels.
  3. Draw a second Trim Line around the outside of the generic insoles from the ball of the feet forward. Using household scissors, trim along the outside line.
  4. Place the Stimsoles in the shoes. If any additional trimming is needed, cut very conservatively. The Stimsoles should rest flat in your shoes. NEVER trim the heel.

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