Getting Started Guide

How to use your Stimsoles®, get your laces’ tension right, and what to expect.

How to Use Your Lacing Guide

Loosen your laces completely.
Insert the lacing guide under the laces.
Tighten the laces until snug, not too tight.
Remove the lacing guide from below.

When you remove the guide, your laces should be tied more loosely so that your Biopods can do their work more effectively. Do not re-tighten your laces!

Why Use Your Lacing Guide?

To get the most out of your BioPods Stimsoles, your feet require room to flex. For healthy function, your arches and toes need to rise and fall dynamically in response to activity intensities. The higher the activity intensity, the higher they should rise.

Most people habitually tie their laces too tightly, which imposes a downward force that inhibits healthy foot flexion. To get the most out of your BioPods Stimsoles, a Lacing Guide has been included to help you find the optimal tension for best results.

In reality, their shoes aren’t loosening up after first lacing them, the perception of loosening is actually created by their arches collapsing. 

When you tighten your laces excessively in the first instance, your arches can’t rise sufficiently such that your feet can safely manage increased running-related forces. As a result, these increased forces cause your arches to collapse and a chain reaction of poor alignment and instability throughout your feet, legs, hips and back. This poor alignment includes the lower legs internal rotation that creates unhealthy stress to your knees and hips.  

When you retighten your shoes, it makes the situation worse, not better. Because it causes a further collapsing of the arches, increased lower limb internal rotation, and a significant increase in the stresses to the knees and hips.

Lacing shoes too tightly, you create an unhealthy situation, one where you are prone to lower extremity injuries – especially knee injuries. 

When you use the Lacing Guide, it ensures that your shoes are laced ideally, for healthy function – ensuring that you to get the most out of your BioPods Stimsoles.

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