Success Stories

BioPods helped me rehabilitate serious hip and back injuries.

How BioPods helped me return to and increase my pre-accident activity levels.

Jacquelyn B.

Toronto, ON

Success Stories

After I tried BioPods, I threw my 30-year collection of orthotics into the trash.

How Biopods helped get rid of my shin pain.

Steve H.

Uxbridge, ON

Success Stories

BioPods helped my severe club feet.

How Biopods helped improve my gait and posture.

Rob Sullivan

Chicago, IL

Success Stories

BioPods eliminated my leg cramps.

How Biopods helped with my swollen legs.

Brenda H.


Success Stories

My patients and I really like BioPods.

Biopods help me and my patients retrain healthy foot function.

Birger Baastrup, Chiropractor

Juneau, Alaska

Success Stories

BioPods helped put an end to Plantar Fasciitis.

How a 52 year old woman returned to exercising with BioPods.

Bruce Comstock, Chiropractor

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