Success Stories

BioPods helped put an end to disabling shin splints.

How a competitive sprinter got rid of shin pain and improved his performance with BioPods.

Bruce Comstock, Chiropractor

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Success Stories

BioPods really work!

How Biopods helped eliminate my hip and leg pain.

Wendy C.

Fredericton, NB

Success Stories

In my 30 years of practice nothing has made a more of a difference than BioPods.

How Biopods helped me and my most challenging patients eliminate foot, ankle, and back pain.

Scott Bautch, D.C.

Owner Bautch Chiropractic

Success Stories

BioPods provided new life for my knees!

How BioPods helped a chronic knee problem sufferer.


Phoenix, AR

Success Stories

BioPods eliminated my plantar fasciitis.

After changing from traditional insoles and orthotics to BioPods Stimsoles, my chronic foot pain disappeared.


Pickering, ON

Success Stories

BioPods made my diabetic feet feel incredible.

How changing from custom orthotics to BioPods Stimsoles eliminated my chronic foot pain.

Mary E. M.

Wausau, WI