Success Stories

The BioPods course was an excellent addition to my current knowledge of foot biomechanics and orthotics.

After learning about and testing BioPods, I’m now prescribing them to my patients.

Dustin Williams

Chiropractor, Los Angeles, California

I liked the way the course was formatted and presented online.

I have taken a couple of other orthotic/foot biomechanics courses in my ten years of practice. However, I got quite a bit of new knowledge from the BioPods course, all of which made sense to me. I liked the quizzes at the end of each lesson, well because I am a nerd. Haha! One thing I wanted to say is that I appreciated the small corner window that shows the speaker. That helped me stay more engaged in what they were saying because I could see them. I have taken a lot of online CEU courses that just show the presentation, and I start to lose interest once I have read the contents of the slide. Seeing the speaker helped me to take the information in just like you would get in a real classroom, which is a better way for me to learn personally.

I was introduced to BioPods last summer shortly after I started to question whether I wanted to use orthotics for patients any longer. I was also personally having some adverse reactions to my orthotics that had previously helped with shin splints. As a result of my experiences over the years, I began to feel that orthotics were not the answer. I was starting to tinker with an idea of developing my own proprioceptive insole until I found BioPods.

After trying BioPods in my footwear, I’m now prescribing them to my patients.