Why BioPods?

Grounded in science and proven in practice.

Designed with the same conditioning principles used by elite athletes and sports medicine professionals—used and recommended by healthcare professionals—BioPods® Stimsoles® are changing the foot care game by providing stimulation instead of artificial support. Each Pod targets the foot’s arch, creating a “springy” stimulus that gently increases over time to safely retrain your protective reflexes and help your feet, legs, hips, and back adjust naturally to healthy function.

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Conventional footwear is the problem.

The human body innately functions best when we walk or run barefoot because our feet are then able to move freely and to receive the sensory information that is necessary for healthy protective reflex function. In fact, studies have shown that those who run barefoot experience much less damaging stress to the body as well as fewer ankle and lower leg injuries. Healthy reflex function is actually impaired by footwear that limits the foot’s natural ability to raise its arches and toes. And the more we wear shoes that feature rigid soles, cushioning, support, and/or restrictive toe boxes, the more we are likely to suffer from foot-related issues and pain.

Even the most expensive athletic shoes – the ones that promise to safeguard your feet through “cushioning impact” – actually account for 123% more frequent injuries than the cheapest shoes.*

Traditional insoles and orthotics don’t solve the issue of problematic footwear. Rather than addressing the underlying cause of the problems and pain, they provide cushioning and support in an effort to mitigate the symptoms, often creating a dependence on that artificial support. BioPods® Stimsoles® provide the variable stimulus required to retrain healthy protective reflex function and optimal body mechanics, helping you to experience pain free movement from your feet to your legs, hips, and back.

*Robbins and Waked study, British Journal of Sports Medicine, 1997.

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How BioPods Work.

Did you know that there are more than 100,000 sensory receptors in the soles of your feet? That is what makes it possible for your body to receive the sensory information it needs in order to function safely whenever you walk or run barefoot on an uneven surface. When you are barefoot, your feet naturally receive the varied sensory stimuli that your brain needs to make adjustments in your body’s movement and to keep you safe from injury.

The proprietary design and thermoplastic elastomer materials of the Pods variably stimulate – rather than support – your arches.

Most insoles and orthotics actually dampen that sensory feedback and weaken your feet. Our Variable Reflex Technology (VRT) was developed by a team of foot function experts to re-create the varied stimulus in your shoes that your body needs to restore and maintain healthy function. BioPods® Stimsoles® feature Variable Reflex Pods that stimulate and enhance the protective reflexes in your feet, legs, hips, and lower back.