The Science

Unlike conventional footwear and foot care products that support or cushion the feet, BioPods® technologies are founded on the proven principles and fundamental laws of human physiology. These principles and laws are the foundation of virtually all modern musculoskeletal rehabilitation and sports training programs.

New technologies that introduce innovative concepts and methodologies invariably must address concerns raised about the validity of their claims.

BioPods technologies incorporate the findings of more than 30 years of research on foot function and related pathologies. This research focused on four key areas:

  • Review of relevant studies (global and multidisciplinary in scope)
  • Analysis of current philosophies and treatment methods
  • Development of an accurate method for measuring the three-dimensional musculoskeletal dynamics of the foot structure during full weight bearing, in both static and dynamic environments
  • Effects of various environmental influences on foot function (shod and barefoot)

The findings of this research uncovered many contradictory theories that are currently accepted as “scientific fact” regarding foot function and the standard treatment methods of support and cushioning.

Most surprising is the volume of scientific evidence validating the conclusion that, aside from trauma, footwear is the leading cause of foot-related pathologies.

To advance more verifiable and effective science, BioPods is collaborating with a team of medical professionals to develop and test new hypotheses, assessment protocols, and educational materials that advocate evidence-based “best-fit” models of the following:

  • Ideal gait biomechanics
  • Biomechanical causes of most foot-related pathologies
  • Pros, cons and effectiveness of various treatment methods

Combining existing research in the fields of foot function, mechanical physics, bone remodeling physics, neurology, and rehabilitative medicine has led to new hypotheses on ideal foot function. Most significantly: The vast majority of foot-related problems in the lower limbs, hips, and lower back are caused and/or exacerbated by maladapted neuromuscular function from habitual footwear use.

At Biopods, we believe that the existing research and the development of new protocols scientifically and quantifiably validates this new “optimal foot function science.”

Click on the links below to learn more about our research findings, which are supported by relevant science that clearly advances a greater understanding of foot function and dysfunction, resulting pathologies, and appropriate treatment options. We also encourage comments, criticisms, and contributions to our vision for the future of foot care.

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