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BioPods® are not your typical orthotic or insole. Our new technologies address the underlying cause of most foot-related problems and pain, enhance athletic performance, and reduce the risk of injury.

  • 120 day

    Money-Back Guarantee

  • 1-8 weeks

    Results Guaranteed

  • 99.5%

    Customer Satisfaction

Recommended by Healthcare Professionals.

  • 120 day

    Money-Back Guarantee

  • 1-8 weeks

    Results Guaranteed

  • 99.5%

    Customer Satisfaction

Introducing BioPods® Stimsoles®

Our revolutionary products turn your shoes into a rehabilitative, performance enhancing experience.

BioPods create a comfortable “springy” sensation under your arches, providing your brain with the information it requires for optimal muscle activity in your lower limbs and back. BioPods Stimsoles are safe and easy to use and gradually help your feet, legs, hips, and back naturally regain and maintain healthy function.

After 7 years of research, we’re changing the way foot-related conditions and athletic performance are viewed.

Long-term support and cushioning of the body are outdated concepts because they cause the body to become weaker and less capable.

Yet, surprisingly, today’s footwear, insole, and orthotic products still incorporate these 100-year-old concepts.

We found a better way. One that promotes health through improved alignment and balanced muscle function and one that conforms with the fundamental Laws of Physiology that underly all modern sports training and rehabilitation programs.

See How It Works

Stimsoles® provide pain relief by addressing the underlying cause of the following conditions.

  • Guaranteed Results in 4 to 8 Weeks.

  • 120-day Guarantee or Your Money Back

  • Recommended by Healthcare Professionals

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Run faster, jump higher, and exceed your goals with BioPods®

There are 100,000 sensory receptors in the soles of your feet that provide the critical information required by brain to activate optimal muscle function throughout the feet, legs, hips, and back. BioPods provides this critical information with every step you take, ensuring “Proper Technique” function during all of your activities. Enhance your performance and reduce your risk of injury with BioPods.

Success stories from people like you.

We’re excited to help people regain and maintain healthy function.

The Science

Walking and running stressors can be good for you.

Every individual has a “sweet spot” for optimal musculoskeletal function, which is when stressors enhance the body’s capabilities.

Scott Bautch, D.C.

Owner Bautch Chiropractic

Success Stories

BioPods put an end to my knee pain!

How BioPods helped knee problems caused by over-pronation.

Julio A.


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