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Variable Reflex Technology™

Just like other parts of our body, our feet need the right kind of stimulation for optimum health, strength, and flexibility. Our proprietary Variable Reflex Technology recreates the varied stimulus in your shoes that your body needs to restore and maintain healthy function. BioPods Stimsoles stimulate and enhance the protective reflexes in your feet, legs, hips, and lower back.
Recommended by Health Care Professionals

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“Over the years, I’ve tried a number of different shoe insoles to support proper foot function. My chiropractor recently recommended BioPods. I use them in all my shoes (dress, athletic, cycling). The results are amazing.”

Jacquelyn B.

“Fantastic – faster results than I expected.”

Bruce C.

“I am a seasoned mountain biker who had raced several seasons with many aches and pains. My chiropractor suggested that I try these shoe inserts and my lower back pain was greatly reduced after a short period of time. I wear BioPods now in all my shoes and I never get off the bike in pain. These insoles have improved my quality of sport and life in general.”

Kathy Watkins

“I have had to wear orthotics for over 30 years…Never had any felt as good as BioPods on my feet.”

Cliff Bregstone

“Within a day, I could feel the difference in my feet and lower legs. Within weeks, I could feel the improved function in my knees and hips. I will never go back to another insole.”

Christopher J. Longo, PhD

“Not only were the BioPods insoles an important part of my injury resolution, as I resumed full capacity on the soccer field, my coach commented on my notably improved quickness and agility.”

Ethan Brown

A Surprise – I was pleasantly surprised as not only do my feet feel more comfortable, but my lower back ache has decreased substantially.

David Z.

Leg cramps have gone! Very easy to use BioPods. Just tucked them into my shoes. I spend a lot of time on my feet and have had problems with swollen legs and leg cramps at the end of the day. After a couple of weeks of wearing BioPods, my leg cramps are gone, and my legs are much less swollen. Great results!

Brenda H.

What a Difference! As a fitness buff, my over-pronation has been a curse. I’ve tried orthotics and other over-the-counter shoe inserts with no success. And buying new shoes frequently didn’t help because, before long, my knees would start to hurt again. However, after placing BioPods insoles in my shoes, the knee pain is gone. Even shoes feel more comfortable because my feet aren’t leaning out as they normally would. The BioPods technology really works—and at an affordable price.

Julio A.

Work Really Well! This is my second pair so that I can keep them in my indoor shoes. This system works brilliantly for me. I can’t even feel they are there, but I know they are working, and they may also be healing! Up to now, if I walked even a little bit without shoes, my feet hurt. After a month or so, I can walk barefoot for a while without feeling any pain.

Mike K.

Love these! I received the inserts a few weeks ago and quickly started moving them from shoe to shoe because I like them so much. I was born with severe club feet and have had operations seven times on each foot to reposition bones and tendons. As a result, I have a very limited range of motion in my feet. What I like best about the inserts is the way they stimulate the middle part of the bottom of my foot and make me more aware–in a good way–of the way I walk. Better still, they are very comfortable. I see a few more pairs in my future.

Rob S.

Sciatica for last 12 years. After trying these insoles for few weeks I feel great walking around there is much less pain. This is significant since I have low back pains and sciatica over last 12 years. I highly recommend you give them a try! Definitely worth it!

Bimal M.

Insoles that make sense. As a yoga instructor and acupuncturist focused on sports injuries and pain conditions, I have long been suspect about overly supportive running shoes and orthotics. These insoles are a great way to allow the foot to move in the way nature intended while still protecting the feet. I have been walking and working with them in my shoes for about a month and the foot / leg fatigue I typically experience after a long day has decreased significantly. Thank you for creating such an intelligent product!

J. Bricker

I am very satisfied with my Biopods Performance Insoles. As a nearly 60-year-old pushing nearly 260 lbs., I would not be able to jog 4 miles every other day without them. I feel like they have a kind of “PF Flyer “quality to them, as I have actually shortened my 80-lap time in the gym by 4 minutes. Healthwise, without the ability to walk or jog without pain, my cholesterol and blood pressure numbers would be through the roof. Your insoles help me exercise and keep my numbers in the safe range. Sincere thanks to you.

Martin B.

“In my opinion, BioPods offer the closest to a perfect rehabilitative foot stimulus that I have ever experienced.”

B. Comstock, D.C. and weight training safety author, The F.I.T.S. Way

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