Success Stories

BioPods improved my quality of sport and life.

How Biopods helped my lower back pain.

Kathy W.

Toronto, ON

Success Stories

BioPods helped eliminate painful plantar fasciitis.

How a skeptic became a true believer in BioPods.

K. Nelson

Wausau, WI

Success Stories

BioPods put an end to my knee pain!

How BioPods helped knee problems caused by over-pronation.

Julio A.


Success Stories

A very satisfied customer, my foot pain is gone!

How changing from custom orthotics to BioPods made my feet feel better than ever.

Howie K.

Los Angeles

Success Stories

BioPods eliminated years of foot and knee pain.

How after changing from traditional insoles and orthotics to BioPods Stimsoles, my chronic foot and knee pain disappeared for good.

Cheryl C.

Toronto, ON

The Science

Common Foot Health Myths

Our feet don’t need to be supported or cushioning to be healthy and pain free.

Bruce Comstock, D.C.

Author of Weight Training Safely the F.I.T.S. Way